Monday, April 27, 2015

Paddy is the prettiest

Here are some pictures of Paddy looking pretty. The second picture is significant because Paddy is in our spare bedroom with me and she just recently decided to go upstairs. Now that is all she wants to do. She thinks she is so brave and we validate her thought. 

Paddy is active, but she is so content to hang out. Her temperament is near perfect. She is just a happy-go-lucky dog. She loves all dogs and people, but bunnies beware. Now that the bunnies are out, she is going bonkers when she sees them. We have had great success with house training now that we are all on a routine at our house. Paddy is crate trained and sleeps in her kennel at night and when we leave. She only makes a small fuss when she wants to wake up in the morning. I can't say enough nice things about this dog, she is just amazing.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Paddy, Ms. Paddy

Paddy arrived about a week and a half ago. She is such a good girl. We are working on things like manners and basic commands. She has done a great job with potty training and prefers a walk to go number two. Paddy is a dog that will need regular exercise, but loves to settle down for some couch potato time too. A daily walk really serves her well. She is super friendly and everyone at HAWS loved her when she went in for a heartworm test last week. We celebrated her negative results with a nice hike. She rides very well in the car.
I am so pretty!
Cleaned out the toy box.

Snuggin with my new buddies.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Manfred Von Dachsund

Maxx for short. Manfred is a German name meaning Man of Peace. Maxx is very peaceful which is why I chose that name. I don't think he is a pure Dachshund because his legs are longer and his snout isn't as long, but he could pass. I'm thinking doxie and King Charles Spaniel. Very fancy. Look at those eyebrows!
Snuggle Head

In addition to being peaceful, Maxx likes: Eating, snuggling, sleeping, belly rubs, going potty outside, warm laps with blankets and candy wrappers.

Dislikes: -20 windchills, snowy paws, cauliflower

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Good Buddy

Linda wanted to help me with the blog tonight. So, here we are hard at work.

She is recovering very well from her surgery on Friday. I could not have expected her to be doing any better than she is on all accounts. It's been a week since Linda arrived. She is doing so well with potty training. She's actually going right away when I take her out now. I did not really have any expectations of her and that seems to be working well. Every thing we do is an accomplishment. She loves to follow me around to see what I'm up to. She is pretty curious too. Sometimes our fosters never even go upstairs, but she has gone in every room of our house on her own. Even the basement. I couldn't believe she did stairs. That can be a big deal for some dogs. It's impossible to know what kind of living situation she was in before, but we can only guess it was pretty horrible. Even without taking that into consideration, she is just wonderful. She'll be a really great buddy for the person who adopts her. Hopefully it's soon, because there are always more dogs who want to be Fluffy Dogs!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Coton de Tulear

A quick note regarding Linda's breed. The breeder she came from is who said she is a Coton de Tulear. Who knows if this is accurate, but here is a nice video link regarding the breed.


Welcome Linda!

Linda is settling in great. She has found her favorite spot on the couch as you can see. We're very careful to help her down though. She's so tiny that we don't want her to hurt herself jumping down.

On Friday Linda was spayed. She is officially retired from breeding. Yay! What a great story for her. She also had a couple of teeth pulled, but the rest were all cleaned up. She is recovering for the next few days, but looks forward to being spoiled. I've been carrying her around and she gets soft food until her mouth feels better.

We've had her about a week, but I can tell already that she will be totally loyal to her owners. She isn't as scared as when she first arrived. Stay tuned for more progress.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Pirate wants to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day. He's a little sad because he doesn't have his own mommy yet. I'm just his Lady. He does love my husband and his name is Mister. We don't want him to get too attached by calling us mom and dad.

He's been very happy with the nicer weather. He is so cute and will find a sliver of sun to relax in when he's in the house. Quite a bouncy little guy, but we've made sure it's not okay for him to jump on us. Here he is in his favorite spot. On our laps. He's not always on our lap. He likes to curl up and lean into us and make a little nest.

Pirate also is very attentive to his buddies. He always wants to be by his foster brother. They are best buds. When brother lets him, Pirate love to preen him. Cleaning the other dog's leg like he would his own. He is such a happy little guy and can't wait for a new home.
My buddy!