Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stealing Hearts

I pick on Pirate about stealing treasures because that's what pirates do. This Pirate is guilty of stealing hearts. Awwww! I can say with confidence that he is 100% housebroken*! *In our house. :) We've gone on a few walks and he is very curious about all the new sounds and sights. He is very confident in our house, but walking will take a couple of weeks practice. He isn't scared, just cautious. Pirate loves to play with our dogs and will go crazy for a short time, but loves to settle in for a nap after 1/2 hour. He's a good snuggler and loves to curl up in a ball on our legs. Some dogs don't like males, but Pirate loves my husband equally. He can't wait to make it to his forever home.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy PI-rate Day!

Not only is it Pi day, but it's Pirate's big day as well. Here's why:

Pirate was treated for his heartworm 30 days ago which means today he's off of "rest". Thank goodness. If you've ever tried to keep a toddler calm for 30 days, you'll understand. I've felt so guilty when I know he just wants to run and play and wrestle with the other dogs. But that's over now. If you don't know what's involved in heartworm treatment, I'll spare you the lecture here but please understand the importance of heartworm preventative.

Trying to sit still in the sun!

Pirate is our little monkey. That's just what he looks like. His potty training has progressed so well during the weeks we had him. Praise, praise and more praise. Now he goes right away when we take him out. At first we would have to stand outside for a long time in the cold before he would go. We're very please with his learning ability.

The information in Pirate's profile is from his foster home in Alabama. We crate him here so I cannot attest to how he would be during the day if not in a kennel. He can hold his potty for a very long time though.