Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stealing Hearts

I pick on Pirate about stealing treasures because that's what pirates do. This Pirate is guilty of stealing hearts. Awwww! I can say with confidence that he is 100% housebroken*! *In our house. :) We've gone on a few walks and he is very curious about all the new sounds and sights. He is very confident in our house, but walking will take a couple of weeks practice. He isn't scared, just cautious. Pirate loves to play with our dogs and will go crazy for a short time, but loves to settle in for a nap after 1/2 hour. He's a good snuggler and loves to curl up in a ball on our legs. Some dogs don't like males, but Pirate loves my husband equally. He can't wait to make it to his forever home.

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