Thursday, May 26, 2011

Walkin the line.

First of all, let me say that Jacque isn't fond of the camera. He seems to not like the sound of the lens. So until he gets over this, I don't have any great pictures. Unless you count ones of him running away.

Tonight Jacque went on his very first big boy walk. Since the heartworm treatment, he's been on rest orders. Now he has the all clear which has been great. The walk went very well and he just trotted along like a very polite boy. No pulling...well only a little when he saw some robins and bunnies. He could teach my dogs a thing or two about walking nicely on a leash. His only wish is to have his furever family take him for many more walks in the future.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Posing for the camera!

Here is a full body shot of Jacque. He loves this bed which was purchased at Tailwaggin Doggie Daycare in Hartland, WI.

Here's Jacque

What a good boy our Jacqie-Boy is! He's been with us about three weeks now and making great progress. At first, he didn't even know what a sofa or a dog bed was and now he can't wait to snuggle in. Treats seemed foreign to him as well, but loves them now and takes them so politely. Jacque is a very gentle boy who is still learning that love and attention are good things.

On May 20th, Jacque will have reached his 30 days since heartworm treatment. What a relief that will be for us. He really wants to go on walks and run around so hopefully he gets the all-clear from the vet.

Jacque has developed quite a crush on our Libby. In typical lady fashoin, she'll have nothing to do with him. He wants nothing more than for her to snuggle with him and is quite a gentleman in his attempts. No such luck for now. Good thing he has foster brother Dexter to play with