Sunday, May 15, 2011

Here's Jacque

What a good boy our Jacqie-Boy is! He's been with us about three weeks now and making great progress. At first, he didn't even know what a sofa or a dog bed was and now he can't wait to snuggle in. Treats seemed foreign to him as well, but loves them now and takes them so politely. Jacque is a very gentle boy who is still learning that love and attention are good things.

On May 20th, Jacque will have reached his 30 days since heartworm treatment. What a relief that will be for us. He really wants to go on walks and run around so hopefully he gets the all-clear from the vet.

Jacque has developed quite a crush on our Libby. In typical lady fashoin, she'll have nothing to do with him. He wants nothing more than for her to snuggle with him and is quite a gentleman in his attempts. No such luck for now. Good thing he has foster brother Dexter to play with

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  1. Lisa,
    I love the picture of him. I forgot how adorable he is. Love your blog too. Can't wait to read more.