Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Pirate wants to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day. He's a little sad because he doesn't have his own mommy yet. I'm just his Lady. He does love my husband and his name is Mister. We don't want him to get too attached by calling us mom and dad.

He's been very happy with the nicer weather. He is so cute and will find a sliver of sun to relax in when he's in the house. Quite a bouncy little guy, but we've made sure it's not okay for him to jump on us. Here he is in his favorite spot. On our laps. He's not always on our lap. He likes to curl up and lean into us and make a little nest.

Pirate also is very attentive to his buddies. He always wants to be by his foster brother. They are best buds. When brother lets him, Pirate love to preen him. Cleaning the other dog's leg like he would his own. He is such a happy little guy and can't wait for a new home.
My buddy!

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