Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another little girl...Welcome Charlee!

Ms. Charlee just arrived today. After seeing those horrible pictures from the other day, I knew it wouldn't be long before we'd see her here in the Degrandt home. We welcome her and consider it simply a miracle that she arrived. I was so worried they wouldn't be rescued in time. But anyway, here she is.

She is still a little scared as anyone would be. I'm happy that she drank quite a bit of water when we got home and ate maybe a handful of food. As I always say, they'll eat when they're hungry. I'd like to get her a nice grooming as she really is very pretty under the scruff. Lori commented on how awful looking her coat is which is probably due to poor nutrition. We'll start feeding her some Taste of the Wild to get her coat in order.

Charlie hasn't shared much of her personality yet, but as of now it looks like she prefers her foster dad over foster mom. Her face lights up when she sees Tom. She also tells me she doesn't mind her androgynous name, but still needs to learn it. A good night's rest will help her get settled in.

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