Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A walk you say?

"Lady, what is a walk?"

This is what Charlee appears to be thinking when I ask her to go on a walk. It's only taken three weeks or so to get her to this point. When we got her, she wouldn't even walk on her own to go outside and forget about a leash. So this week I started taking her on one block walks. She's been doing very well, but doesn't like cars. This leads me to believe she shouldn't live on a busy street/road.

Charlee is such a sweetie pie. We just love her. When she gets excited, she hops on her front paws like a spring. Not a jumper though. She's loves to snuggle too. Sometimes right up next to you or with the other dogs. She is a fairly low energy dog so won't need much exercise. I'm so impressed with how happy she is, especially with where she came from. In case you didn't see, let me show you...

Puppy Pen??

But, here she is now...

So happy and so pretty.

1 comment:

  1. She's beautiful and cute at the same time. Looks like she's kept some hard times inside her little heart.