Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Heeeere's Pepper!

Isn't she just a beauty? Honestly, I wasn't sure if we were up for an eight month old dog on the medium to large size. But, her behavior is not an indicator of her age. Aside from a couple of easily corrected habits like pawing and thinking she is a lap dog, she really is on the mellow side. Pepper is very loving and she wants to please. She loves to receive pets and hugs, and in return gives kisses.

I'm obsessed with how pretty she is. She looks just like a petite Lab, but with a fuzzy coat. Her profile lists her as a Flat Coat Retriever which I had never heard of. If I Google that breed though, it's dead on. She very well could be a pure bred breed, but there isn't a way of knowing for sure. Also, she literally has the softest coat of any dog I've met. Think of those really soft faux fur blankets they make. She came to us groomed much like a cocker spaniel would be; short on the back and long on the chest and legs. I'm sure it will be just as beautiful when it grows out.

She is cautious when first approaching, but quickly warms up to people and dogs alike. Pepper will be such a great addition to a family, now her family just needs to find her. She'll be here waiting.

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