Thursday, April 11, 2013

So Mr. Ben is perfectly content living here with us, but I'm sure he would really like to go home. He is an easy dog and would fit in with any family. He is very polite and will sit on the floor until you invite him to snuggle on the couch. Tonight he has been wanting to sit on my lap while I'm at the computer desk. Honestly a good companion, but not clingy.

Last night he rested nicely while receiving a good brushing. His coat is quite interesting. He has a very thick double coat like a Husky and really needs to be raked out. Since he is small though, it's very manageable. 

Ben gets along with my dogs just fine and wasn't bothered by the stray cat I found outside our back door. He is so easy going and just wants to be wherever you are. At the same time, he can be independent if necessary. A very well rounded personality and warms up to anyone right away.

I do sit for treats, but you have to ask real nice!

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