Thursday, January 23, 2014

A poodle doxie mix?

Coleman, whose real name is Oreo but also responds to Co-co and poodle-head is quite a lovely dog. The poor guy was very nervous for his first week with us, but now is right at home. He was surrendered in Alabama because his owner had to move. The owner listed him at 10 years old. I'm not sure how this happens, but it does and we are here to help him now. We can surely understand why he was so unsure when he first arrived.

So far we've learned that he is very much housebroken! Yay for him and for us! People often don't consider adopting a dog who is 10, but I love them. Don't be fooled though, Coleman is not a couch potato. He sure loves to snuggle, but he has found a ball that is just perfect size for him. He loves to play fetch. He will fling the ball in my lap when he wants to chase it and could do this for hours. He sleeps in a kennel at night and as soon as he gets out in the morning, he runs around looking for his ball. I think we will need to send that ball with him when he gets adopted.

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