Sunday, November 25, 2012


So it took me a while to write about Erickson. I wanted to make sure I knew him well enough. He is a sweet  bundle of bounce and snuggle. He loves to wrestle with his big foster brother and chew on bones and toys. Once he is done, he loves to get snuggled in on the couch with me.

He seems to prefer me over my husband and gets a little scared of loud voices. Also, he is afraid of cars passing when we walk, but is getting more used to them every day. He's very smart and learned sit right away. Now we are working on "off".

At night he sleeps in his kennel and has learned that he is safe there and goes right to sleep. I'm sure he would love to snuggle in bed when he gets to his forever home.

Erickson: Wirehaired Terrier, Dog; Hartland, WI

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