Monday, December 10, 2012

Erickson's Top Ten

May I please have some dinner?

10. He is overcoming his fear of cars! 75% better than when he first arrived
9.  Very happy boy and not yappy or growly
8.  Loves to be around people (takes a few minutes to open up)
7.  Doesn't mind the snow or cold
6.  Very easy going
5.  Plays well with other dogs
4.  Good snuggler
3.  Smart guy and is learning very fast
2.  Is in his kennel all day with no complaints or accidents
1. His little teddy bear face and sweet personality

I just know that Erickson will be very happy in his new home when the time arrives. He's asked me to write a letter to Santa and all he wants for Christmas is his very own family.

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